Monday, November 17, 2008

My Cup Runneth Over

Late last week Braden called me from work at 10 am saying that he was coming home early. His computer was broken and wouldn't be fixed until the end of the day. Without a computer he couldn't do much more than return a few calls.

I love spending time with my hubby! Usually our saturdays are crammed with chores and activities, that we hardly spend more than a few hours just hanging out together. Sundays are sometimes just as crazy as workdays with all the meetings and visits Braden does for his calling as Ward Mission Leader. So, the idea of having Braden home during the week was a treat!

By the time Braden got home at 11, the kids had just gone down for an early nap. We jumped at the chance to get an extra hour of sleep as well. We have both been exhausted and feeling run down.

An blissful hour and a half later Bubba Dos woke up hungry. I brought her into bed to feed her and snuggle her for a few minutes. Not long after, Bubba came running in and climbed up onto the bed and promptly fell asleep in the middle. As I sat there snuggling my sleeping baby girl, and saw Braden and Bubba sleeping and all snuggled up, I realized that I was surrounded by the greatest blessings of my life. Right down to our crazy dog who had managed to jump up on the bed while we were napping :) My little family was happy, safe, and together. What more could a mother ask for? My heart swelled with thanks and awe for this sweet, perfect moment. And the love that I felt for my family was beyond description. My cup runneth over :)

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