Sunday, July 27, 2008


I decided that I am moving to Utah.

I started what was supposed to be a nice, relaxing, 3 week vacation by getting on an airplane at Dulles Airport. I got off the airplane 4 1/2 hours later in Salt Lake City, and made the decision right then and there that there was NO WAY that I was going to fly back to Maryland by myself with my 2 kiddos.

Have you ever been on a flight where someones child screams and cries the entire time, and every other passenger on the plane is shooting the kid dirty looks, and every minute seems to drag on forever? Well, in this case "that kid" was mine!

To make the adventure all the more adventurous I also got to deal with a diaper blowout and wardrobe malfunction (seriously, don't ask about that one ).

As I was walking to baggage claim I couldn't help but notice all the perfectly coiffed , calm, neatly dressed passengers that were leisurely looking at magazines, checking email on their laptops, casually grabbing a bite to eat, or just watching the airport news monitors. Then there was me......... I felt and looked as though I had been dragged behind the plane during take-off and landing.

I just tell myself that my 2 year old was reminding me how long I waited for him, and how much I wanted children in the first place (Thanks Bubba - I got the message LOUD and clear ;) )

So, to all my friends back in Maryland....its been nice knowing you. If you ever happen to be in Utah drop by for a visit.

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