Friday, June 25, 2010

I Never Dreamed...

I never dreamed that:

*I would live on the East Coast.

* That it would take me 12 years to finally feel at home on the East Coast ( I never wanted to live in Utah forever, but oh how I miss my family and those mountains!)

*That I would have 3 babies 3 years and under.

*That I would be married for almost 8 years before having children.

*That I would live with my inlaws at two different times totaling almost 3 years (something I would never recommend to anyone).

*That we wouldn't buy our first home until we had been married 11 years.

*That I would be pregnant 10 times and only have 3 children.

*That I would have my heart broken and my beliefs shaken by a series of miscarriages.

*That I would actually learn to make peace with, and even find joy in the seemingly simple everyday tasks of being a stay at home mom.

* That I would have the opportunity to take several long road trips with my Mom (something I will remember,and be thankful for forever).

* That one of my best friends would be a 15 year old rescue dog.

* That my life would be rocked by postpartum depression.

* That I would be a college freshman twice.

* That being a mom would teach me how to see things in an entirely new way.

I know this list could go on forever. My point to all of this is is that no matter how well you plan life it often takes you somewhere you never imagined. And that is a good thing.

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Claudia said...

It is so interesting how life never really turns out the way you think it will, isn't it? Thanks for posting this, it's a great bit of perspective and a neat peek into your thoughts!