Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Way To Go Momma

This past Sunday I witnessed something at church that really has made me stop and evaluate myself this week. I wonder what my actions are teaching my little ones.

After one of the meetings, I was sitting on the couch in the foyer trying to get my daughter to go to sleep. Sitting next to me was a mom and her young son. I couldn't help but to overhear their conversation.

The little boy was upset that he couldn't remember his lines for the upcoming primary program. His mom reassured him that he wouldn't be the only one that had forgotten, and that the teachers would be there to help him. The little boy was still unsure so his mom suggested that they sing a song so he could feel better. They sang Hakuna Matata from The Lion King (how cute is that) and a primary song (I don't remember which one). Then before sending him off to primary they said a little prayer together.

I was so touched by the simple actions of this loving mother. She taught her son that when he is nervous or scared that there are people who love him and want to help him. She taught him that singing a favorite song can help you feel better. She also taught him the importance of prayer in everyday life, in everyday situations. She taught me, through her sweet example, the things that I want to teach my own children.

Thank you Momma for being such a positive example to your son, and to me.

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Elizabeth said...

You are a great mom and doing a great job. I totally believe in the power of prayer, whether it be at dinner time, bedtime or just during the day (sometimes,many times during a trying day). God is always with us and gives us reminders in all sorts of ways. I know when I feel like i'm not doing such a good job as a mom, I try to tell myself that I will try harder the next day. Keep up what your doing, your kids are great and they love you and know that you love them and God does too because of your example!