Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Bullet Points :)

* Braden is still looking for a job. He has had several interviews, but we are just playing the waiting game. In the meantime he has been commuting about 3 1/2 hours a day to a temp. job. It is hard on him. Its hard on me. Its really hard on the little ones.

* My little 3 ring circus has been sick. Fevers, coughs, congested lungs, and puke. I think I'm getting it :P

* I am amazed that my littlest is 6 months already! Where did that time go? He is a content happy little man that melts my heart with each and every smile and giggle.

* I'm taking another break from running since my knees and feet aren't liking it very much at all. I've been walking inside instead. You read that right. I've been walking inside- as in my family room. I have a date with Leslie Sansone every morning after Baby C has his 6 am bottle. It has been too hot and humid, even at 6 am, to do much of anything outside. I think I'm going to add some Yoga to the mix, and maybe a deep water running class if I can find one locally.

* I have been seriously considering cutting all my hair cut off. Like all of it! My hair keeps falling out by the handfuls as it did after I had my other two babies. This time it seems worse though. I have balding spots. Yikes!

* I've been getting phone calls from Braden just because, or silly texts from my friend Geoff, or "I love you Mommy", and a thousand other little things to make me smile just when I seem to need them the most. I am thankful for these tender mercies.

* The other night Braden and I were up late watching Mythbusters. Neither of us wanted to go to bed. I don't remember what myths they were testing, but we were both laughing. Laughing so hard I might have actually snort laughed a few times. It was awesome :)

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Claudia said...

aYou should pat yourself on the back for still being able to write coherent sentences with that much stuff going on.