Monday, January 26, 2009

Show Me A Sign

One of Bubba's Doctors, a developmental pediatrician, suggested our family learn sign language. Since Bubba understands everything we say, but doesn't really have a way of communicating with us, she suggested sign language was the way to go.

I am searching out classes that fit into our crazy schedule, but in the mean time we have all really enjoyed Baby Signing Time. Rachel the host is fun and energetic, the music is not obnoxious, the graphics are colorful, and the signs easy to understand and follow.

Bubba has been picking up the signs so fast. He remembers all of them after watching the DVD just once.

I am also in the process of looking for a preschool that signs. The doctor we saw thought it would be the best route to go for now since she doesn't think Bubba will have a normal vocabulary any time in the near future. Wish me luck with that........

We have made some big progress in the vocabulary department that I should mention. Bubba now says "baby", "juice", "Brandy" (our dog's name), "tent", "touch", "poop" and "duck" along with the handful of words he had before. We still occasionally get "pop out" words and phrases from him which blow my mind. The other day while his speech therapist was here he said "I'm too busy mom.", and when I was changing Bubba Dos' diaper I heard "Stinky diaper". Silly boy!


Claudia said...

Who knew that parenting would be full of so many unexpected challenges?
Good for you for finding all the best solutions for your little ones - you are an amazing mom!

Cecily said...

We LOVE Signing Time! (Have you signed up for the newsletter and sales?) My boys think it is quite the cat's meow. We actually started with an online dictionary (there are two or three I really like) then discovered Signing Time when my oldest was 18 months. I hope it works out for the family.

zippy said...

I've heard wonderful things about Signing Time! We actually have a cousin who'd little guy got to appear on Signing Time. : )

We did a bit of baby sign with M and some with Li'l J...I'm a firm believer that it works! You're a great mom Layne!! Hang in there girl.